Miss Stephanie's 3/4's

This is Stephanie's 10th year at The Tree of Knowledge.  She brings a great combination of love and creativity by providing age appropriate learning centers and developing positive social interaction; giving the children a wonderful start in school .  She is assisted this year by Miss Brittany.  This is Brittany's 2nd year with us as an assistant.
                                                                       Miss Stephanie                                  Miss Brittany                                      
Curriculum Focus

                            Alphabet                                           Introduction
                            Listening Skills

          Math Readiness
                            Number Concepts
                            Days of the Week
                            Months of the Year

                            Cooperative Play
                            Being a Friend
                            Taking Turns

                              Bible Stories
                              Songs and Crafts

                        Creative Art
                              Experience different mediums and textures
                              Primary Colors
                              Variety of songs and movement activities
                              Simple rhythm instruments
                              Using a child's natural curiosity, hands-on activities help develop                                                 observation skills t oexplore the world around them.