Message from Our Director

Miss Gaila has been our director for 4 years. Prior to that she served on our Board of Directors and her children attended Tree of Knowledge. You'll find Miss Gaila out front every morning welcoming each child by name and giving them a good morning handshake. 

During the day she keeps things running smoothly in our office, but always has time to dry tears, apply bandaides or provide a comfy chair and blanket.  She also loves to come in our classrooms and read a story and sometimes leads our Chapel Time. 

Miss Gaila


As you are considering which preschool to send your child to you are probably wondering how do you decide which one is the right one for your child? Which program is the best? Who has the best teachers? At The Tree of Knowledge we offer:

·Hands on curriculum believing that a child  learns best by doing.

·Experienced and dedicated teachers (our newest teacher has been here 7 years)

·Weekly music with a Winter and Spring Music Concert

·A 3 ½ hour day, which is longer than most preschools

We welcome the opportunity to meet you and your child and to show you our school so call or email me to set up an appointment for a tour.


Contact Information: 
Telephone: 503-666-6654
Office Hours: Monday-Friday:  8:30-1:30
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