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We are located at
24457 SE Stark in Gresham. We are just NW of Mt Hood Medical Center. You'll see us at the foot of the Troutdale daffodil water tower! 


If you still have green bottle bags, they can be dropped off at school on Tues/Thursday mornings in the office this summer!  Need more bags?  No problem!  Thank you for your support!

Did You Know?
TOK collects juice pouches?  We send them away to be recycled and we earn money for our school!  You can help!  WE collect them at school.....YOU can collect them at home and bring them to us in a filled gallon ziploc bag.  No need to wash them!


Dates To Remember:

Sept. 3 Meet the Teacher 1-2:00pm

Sept 8/9 School Starts 9:00 am

Classes for 3's, 4's and 5's    

Tree of Knowledge Christian Preschool is a non-profit preschool for children ages 3 to5 years of age, serving families in the Gresham – Troutdale communities.

Our classes empower children to discover and explore the world around them.  Children are given opportunities to develop life skills, and literacy, as they learn and play together.

 Constructive play is the challenge and work of small children.  We know that children learn while doing, so our curriculum is activity-based designed with the needs and interest of children in mind.

 We hope your children will begin their adventure in learning here at the Tree of Knowledge Christian Preschool.

 Tree of Knowledge Christian Preschool
ou may contact us by email at: